Friday, October 19, 2007

Fun While Doing Transcription.

Fun While Doing Transcription.

We are working in the profession of Medical Transcription and like other profession it also has highs and lows. Although this profession puts you through a lot of challenges but some times it is hilarious that you will really enjoy to work in such profession. On a day-to-day basis we deals with various doctors from different specialty, some doctors you find as interested to really work upon whereas on the other hand there are some you will find them as boring. There are certain instances that really make Medical transcription profession as a joyful profession rather than a tedious one.

One day while transcribing a report I comes across a report where doctor said “Hey, I am telling you not to touch that. Why, don’t you listen to me.” That was instruction to his son not to the MT. That became joke of the day.

In an another medical transcription report doctor dictated “The patient is 29 years of age and had more than 200 sex partners.” That become discussion topic among Medical Transcriptionists.

Sometimes what happens while dictating a report, in the background you listen to a song that you will find to your liking.

The next instance that I have experienced myself while working on a medical transcription report was simply unbelievable. While dictating a report, the doctor started talking to somebody and I thought that he might be talking to somebody in the house or in the clinic, but when the conversation finished up, the doctor was actually working with his/her the dog and giving it a bath. This really sounds very interesting to me and I shared this experience of mine with everybody.

Sometime while editing the reports in every company editors comes across the phrases that makes them laugh and at the same time they feel pity over the medical transcriptionist as they type such things that are sound and look alike. For example, “The patient was having some light snakes in the evening”, but it should be, “The patient was having some light snacks in the evening”, so these phrases really make you laugh.

One interesting case an editor can really come across while editing the reports is linked with the vital signs of the patient and in most of the cases it is related to weight of the patient as the transcriptionist some time writes the weight as 2500 pounds or like that, so that is really next to impossible as the doctor might have dictated it as 250 pounds.

In American there are different doctors from different countries throughout the world, while dictating they are really not able to speak some words in English then they dictates such words in their mother tongue, and these type of cases mostly happens with the doctor who are coming from India especially from Punjab as some time they speak certain words in their Punjabi decent that a person fails to make up what the doctor has dictated as transcriptionist or editor might be from Punjab or not.


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