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Transcription Services: What to offer?

Transcription is a valuable service for many industries. You can find transcription services for different fields. Whether you want someone to do audio transcription of interviews, data, legal information, medical records, seminar, conference or any other recordings, a transcriptionist can get you the text you need from the audio format. Quality, accuracy and efficiency are the three essential elements of a robust and effective transcription service offering.

Transcription services now range from small, one-person home-based business to sophisticated, high-tech corporations. Fortunately, technology advances have allowed transcriptionists in one part of the country to work from home for employers located elsewhere.

Transcribers do business within a variety of industries. The following illustrates some formats that the transcriber would transcribe-

Court hearings-the coverage of court room hearings including testimonies

Board meetings/focus groups/conferences- discussion of various agendas among a group of people and their responses

Interviews-dialogues between an interviewer and an interviewee

Medical records- such as patient’s history, consultation, doctor’s advice and pathology reports

Podcasts and videos need to be transcribed and put onto the site for differently abled people.

Transcription services vendor

How can you choose which transcription service to use? Based on the following features, you can judge on your own.
1. Accuracy- A transcription service should provide the final transript, which is accurate and completely error-free. There is no room for making errors as a transcriptionist. Imagine a situation where you were transcribing for a doctor and misinterpreted a medicine! Being a transcriptionist is a serious, meticulous and deadline driven job.
2. Timeliness-A transcription service should provide high-quality final transcript with deadline in mind. Deadline is very important in transcription services.
3. Complete- Whether it is a verbatim transcription or only editing a project, finding a service that will provide a complete product is critical.
4. Cost- This can vary widely. Find out if the transcription services you are considering are billed by the hour, the line, or the job and get estimates in advance of the final cost.

A transcription service is offered at changeable rates and is carried out as freelance or full time opportunity by homemakers, professionals, technical experts and any body who is good in English and typing.
Depending on what type of transcription service you are looking for, there are several options. You can even find transcription services that are able to do translation from another language such as Spanish, Chinese, German or Indian dialects. Transcription services are high-valued businesses and have become more prevalent in many industries and individuals.

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